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    Days in the Country

    I had a lovely day out in Ballarat and Daylesford, and the highlight was catching up with Gail at her shop in Ballarat. She has been amazing and has rebuilt her shop, and I think it is looking wonderful. Of course I had to have some fabric…even bought a great piece to make a skirt. I do hide my face…

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    Natali’s Bohemian Style!

    In the Mood I am looking forward to a special treat this afternoon. Courtesy of MS Australia, Angelos and I have tickets to the musical revue “In the Mood” at Hamer Hall. This is the 20th year of the revue and it is a tribute to the songs and music of the 40’s. I am sure that it will make…

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    Start Day Positive

    More Kits Found A great find yesterday…5 complete kits in the original fabrics for a very popular wall hanging designed by Millamac..”The Great Council of Chooks” features chooks from around the world, and you can see by their dress where they come from. I remember selling this kit for it to be made for organisations including local government. I also…

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    Life Is Adventure

    Fun with the Designers #1 Quilt Market in November is the time that our Australian designers release their new designs for the forthcoming year, and last weekend showed us once again how lucky we are to have so much talent here in our country. Gail Pan has just returned from a very successful first visit to Houston, and I love her…

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    Jeans is Always Trendy

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